The Beginning of a New Chapter

Run Freckles Run got a facelift yesterday! After 2+ years of showing off my heel strike (which I am now a mid-foot runner), I think it was time for a much needed change! There may be a couple more changes to come, but the bulk of the redesign is complete! Let me know what you think!

Anyway, I have a little gloating to do before I dive into running. Last Wednesday, I became CPR/AED Certified! It's been over 5 years since I took a CPR class, so it was time to get a refresher.

Also, this is step 1 towards earning my Personal Trainer Certificate, so I definitely consider it something worth getting excited over!

Speaking of the PT certification course, I began the first unit of my book today.

Since my vacation is over, I need to buckle down and get this started. I have a lot to cover, but I have no doubt I will find this beneficial for my personal and professional use. I cannot wait to share with  you what I learn!

Now, on to running! Today marks my first day of my ultra-marathon training plan. This is the beginning of a very challenging 24 week schedule.

I will be returning to a 5 day running week or a 4 day plus 1 cross training day depending on the week or how I feel.

Today wasn't too intimidating though. Just a 5 miler on the treadmill.

The weather was calling for some nasty storms so I enjoyed my workout inside while watching Breaking Bad. Since it was also my first day back to running, I took it nice and slow so I didn't put my muscles into shock. Still, I felt great and was happy to get a workout in. No more burn out for me!

This week, I hope to get out to the AT to invest some of my training time. It may not be full-on running, but still a workout for sure. I am just waiting on the storms to pass and some of the mud to dry up before I make my first attempt on the trail.

Speaking of which, did you guys hear about Scott Jurek? He is hoping to run the entire AT in 42 days. Maybe I will see him when I head there this week! What dedication. You can track his progress via Instagram (@scottjurek).

What do you think of the new website look?

Have any of you earned a Personal Trainer Certification? Through ACE, NASM, ISSA? How did/do you like it?

What is your recommendation to a runner making their first attempt at trail running?

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