Race Recap: Rock n Roll San Diego 5K

Ever since I have taken on half marathons and marathons, 5Ks just don’t seem to do it for me anymore. They never fit in with my training plan since they always fall on a Saturday or Sunday (my long run days). However, this race was definitely an exception. I was already tapering and thought that a 5K prior to marathon day would be a good idea. It would reintroduce my muscles to running after having off a few days prior. Also, this was the FIRST ANNUAL Rock n Roll San Diego 5k. I have never been lucky enough to be one of the first runners to participate in any race in it’s maiden voyage.

 Oh yeah..and Meb, the 2014 Boston Champion, was there!

When we arrived, I had about 30 minutes until start. That gave me just enough time to observe the route around me and catch a glimpse of one of my running idols, Meb, up close.

It was a nerdy runner moment for me.

Because I was not certain what my body wanted to do that morning, I stood with the 7 minute corral group. I assumed that the fastest I would run would be about 7:30-7:45 pace. Like many of you know,  however, your body will make the final decision as to what it wants to do on race day, despite your intended plans.

Once the gun went off, it became apparent that I was not going to PR. My breathing wasn't right and my legs weren't cooperating, but reminded myself that it was okay. I never intended on pushing too hard in the 5k.

About 2 minutes into my 3.1 mile adventure, I heard a voice to my right say, “If you are running a 7 minute pace, come follow me!” I looked over and Meb was literally right next to me. My adrenaline began to pump and of course, I had the desire to follow right by his side. I was able to tag along with one of the world’s best runners for about 30 seconds, then I decided it was a bad idea for me to push myself way beyond my limit the day before a marathon. I slowed down and watched him effortlessly run ahead. Still, not many people can say that they ran next to Meb. Even if it was for half a minute. :-)

Around mile 2, it started to feel a bit muggy for me. Apparently it’s called June gloom in California. The mornings are cloudy and a little humid. That was exactly what happened that day. I felt the sweat begin to pour and started to have the “Where the hell is the finish line” thought. Although 5ks are short, don’t let them full you. They can be so much more challenging and the distance can feel 10 times longer! There are many times I feel that they last longer than my 5 milers.

Anyway, I made it in just under 25 minutes.

Not my best, but I kept trying to remind myself that I was running a marathon the next day. Besides, I was just happy that it was the first race my brother ever watched me compete in. It was pretty awesome that he woke up way early to see it.

Shortly after finishing, I was on the prowl for Meb. They was going to be a meet and greet at the CEP tent and I was not going to pass up that once in a lifetime opportunity. I was able to get a great spot in line before it the wait time was as long as a Disney ride.

When I arrived for my turn, Meb signed my 5K bib, while Jonathan filmed the interaction and Peter took pictures.

AHH! Epic.

Anyway, here are my stats for the run:

I did submit a correction because my watch was about 10 seconds off and I even stopped it seconds after finishing. Not sure if it didn't pick up my chip properly or not. Either way, oh well!

To sum up, this run was pretty amazing. I wasn’t too big on the course, but knowing that this was my first run on the west coast, getting to run with Meb for a brief moment, and meeting him after surely made up for it. I think it is definitely worth running if you are in the area or coming to compete in the marathon or half marathon. I definitely give it a 10!

Have you ever met a running idol? If so, who?

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