Product Review: For the Love of Suja

Suja Juice did not ask or provide compensation for giving this review. This was simply to share with you my experiences with the product! The opinions in this review are my own.

I have a new addiction and it is called Suja Juice. I was first exposed to the brand in San Diego when I participated in the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon weekend and it was love at first sip!

Suja, which translates to "long, beautiful life" is a line of cold-pressured beverages that are packed full of raw fruits and vegetables. All varieties are also certified organic, non-GMO, gluten and soy-free!!! Have I gotten your attention yet?

My first sip of Suja was outside the San Diego Convention Center at the Rock 'n' Roll Race Expo. A Suja representative provided my husband and I with free bottles of Suja. He was given the Mango Magic and I received the Cucumber Chill. I had a sip of Peter's first and it was immediate bliss. I knew that I was in love. I opened my bottle of the Cucumber Chill soon after.

The taste was very light and you could clearly identify the cucumber. I am a HUGE fan of infusing cucumber in my water, so this juice really satisfied me. It was not quite as flavorful as the Mango Magic, but it seemed to focus more on being a refreshing drink than anything else. It would be perfect on a hot day, hence the name Cucumber Chill, right?

When I returned back to the East Coast, I immediately used Suja's store finder to locate their juice in my area. My local Target had their Essentials Line and I nearly cleared them out.

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 I bought two of each flavor of all available so both my husband and I could try them all!

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The first one I tried was the Berry Goodness.

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For those of you who have a sweet tooth, this will help kick any naughty cravings you have. The juice was so rich in taste and you could literally pin-point each ingredient from the banana, lemon, strawberry and then some! It didn't take long for me to gulp this one down. I will be buying Berry Goodness again!

The following morning, I tried the Sunrise Probiotic.

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I replaced my normal breakfast foods with this. I was a little anxious about ditching solid foods for a drink instead, but I was surprisingly filling! The smoothie included ingredients such as almonds and chia seeds that would help satisfy hunger. It was sweet, refreshing and pure. Perfect breakfast or meal replacement smoothie. I would buy again!

Later in the day, I included the Mighty Greens Juice with my lunch and the Sweet Beets for a snack. I suck at filling myself up with a variety of fruits and veggies through out the day, so I thought that these would be the perfect help!

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First up, the Mighty Greens. Because I already had two sweet juices within the last 24 hours, I was expecting the same of the Mighty Greens. That was my mistake. When you are expecting something to be sweet and get the opposite, it can really dampen your perspective. The taste reminded me of V8 Juice, but green. Though I was not a fan, I did drink the entire bottle knowing that what it included was much more important for my body than disposing it. I felt extremely focused and energetic soon after drinking. Definitely a great drink to set your body straight.

Now, it's time for my snack! I tried a sample of the Sweet Beets at the expo, but didn't have enough time to fully enjoy the flavor as we were in a hurry, so I bought it to give the juice a proper second chance. I like beets by themselves, but I don't have them often. It was great that when I tasted this juice, it definitely had the flavor of beets in it! Including the sweeter fruits like apple, banana, and pineapple, really spruced this juice up to have quite a unique flavor. This will definitely be purchased again and again!

In the evening, I decided to indulge in a snack. Was it ice cream? Cookies? Chips? NOPE!!! I had something 937498273 times better! The Sunset Protein Smoothie!

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This was hands down my FAVORITE flavor that I tested. It was creamy, sweet, and like Peter said, "tasted like a cookie." For it being only 160 calories of feel-good ingredients, it was 100% guilt free! Definitely satisfied my nightly sweet cravings and I felt good about indulging in it!

The next day, I indulged in my final two Suja's. :(

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I had the Carrot Crush as a side with my lunch that day. This is also one of my favs. I have always loved carrots. Cooked, raw, in name it! You get a hint of carrot, but a whole lot of other yummy flavors. It's definitely sweet, so it works if you have a hard time getting your veggies in.

For snack, I gulped down the Mango Magic and it definitely put a spell on me. I shared some with my co-worker and we analyzed the flavor together. When she mentioned she tasted the ginger, that's when I was able to locate it in the variety of tastes. That is one major reason I love Suja. You can taste EVERYTHING. You look at the ingredient list, take a sip, and you will find each fruit or veggie on your taste buds. This was also one of Peter's favorites.

To sum up my review, here are my top picks for the Essentials I tried.
  1. Sunset Protein
  2. Berry Goodness
  3. Carrot Crush
Seriously, all were good and it was hard for me to pick my top 3. I will definitely buy more than these, but the above are going to be staples in my house!


  1. I'm intrigued. Especially because i see its organic and non gmo!! What is the price on a bottle? Do they sell it at giant/martins stores? Are the ingredients "simple"

    1. At my Target, they were $4 a bottle. They do have other varieties at Martin's. The ingredients are extremely simple ( ie Apple juice, ginger, banana, etc ).

    2. So i think it's crazy that i read this review, go out to the store to buy this juice, and i saw you leaving the same store....can i count you as my first celebrity sighting ;-) " I knew i should have asked runfrecklesrun for her autograph!"
      Anyway, i tested 3 flavors. Sunset protein, sweet beets, and berry goodness. Sunset was actually my least favorite. It has a very chi-like flavor. I have never liked chi, so it's natural this isn't as pleasant a flavor to me. Its tasty enough though that i will definitely drink it all. Chi drinkers will love this flavor, I'm sure. The berry goodness is delicious...oh man, was i drooling over that flavor. But i give the blue ribbon to sweet beets! By far, my favorite!
      Thanks for your review. I never would have tried this otherwise!


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