Happy 2nd Running Birthday!

I may have had a realllly strong Long Island Iced Tea, so do not judge on my horrible grammar or spelling.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish myself a Happy Running Birthday! Today marks 2 years since I decided to put back on my sad excuse for running sneakers and just start trotting along...

And here I am....2 days away from my first official marathon!

So let's take a look back at the last year!!!

Before my first 26.2 mile attempt, made it 23 miles...March 2013
Hershey 10k, April 2013
My first official half marathon, Frederick Half, May 2013
My very first, 1st place medal in an age group, Nick Adenhart 5k June 2013
The hottest 5K ever, the Run for Freedom 5k, 2nd place age group, July 2013
2nd place age group AND 5k PR, August 2013
Post surgery, Krumpe's 5k, August 2013...made it under 25 minutes.
1st photo ever purchased, got 3rd in my age group, Mad Anthony Half, September 2013
Freedom Half Marathon, October 2013
Hershey Half Marathon, October 2013
First successful attempt at running 26.2 miles, October 2013
First race with my fiance, Peter, Turkey Trot 5k, November 2013
Ah, it was a REALLY good year. I bet this year will be much better! I can see myself kicking butt!

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  1. you've had a pretty awesome year. and i think the next year will be as good if not better. you're a very good runner and you're making great strides. as for the 2nd anniversary, congrats. and it reminds me when i first started to run. i would go out in my neighborhood with my hood up so people wouldn't recognize me, and when a car would approach, i would slow to a walk because, if someone did recognize me, i didn't want them to know i was running. lmfao.


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