Spartan Up! the Book

There have been many instances in my life where I have struggled to complete a task. It may have been relative to a job I had, a race I participated in, a project at school, or a situation that had occurred in my personal life, like a relationship. To be honest, there were times I contemplated giving up. The assignment or goal I set was either too physically demanding or mentally times, it was both.

The events that life throws at you are sometimes more difficult than we can bear and giving up is inevitable...or is it?

Joe De Sena, CEO & Co-Founder of the Spartan race is not a stranger to pushing his body to the limit and beyond. In one week, he completed the 135-mile Badwater Ultra-marathon, raced in the Lake Placid Ironman, which is 140.6 miles in length, and finished a 100-mile trail run in Vermont. However, being physically fit is only part of who Joe is. He also found success working on Wall Street.

Though you may think his physical and professional success are unrelated to the other, they actually go very much hand in hand. Joe uses what he calls "obstacle immunity" to overcome day to day stress.

"You need to develop what those of us in the Spartan world call obstacle immunity, a skill you will learn to master in this book. With obstacle immunity, nothing fazes you," says author, De Sena. "Business deals will be less stressful. Screaming kids will put a smile on your face."

I guess work wouldn't seem so tough after climbing a greasy wall, where you are almost guaranteed to fall on your ass a few times.

De Sena also adds authenticity to his findings by including true stories of his own adventures and the success stories of other Spartans.

I, personally, find that I would benefit from learning the art of "obstacle immunity." If you are like me, you stress at being successful. You stress when life gets difficult. Although you make it through each day, you still find yourself exhausted because of your anxiety. It makes sense that participating in a physically demanding event, like the Spartan Race, that everything would seem relatively easy thereafter. You have to overcome obstacles that you never thought you were capable of doing. "Spartan Up" teaches you how to push yourself when you have reached the urge to give up.

If you do not think you are physically prepared, take lessons from this book. They will teach you how to train like a Spartan, without having to buy a bunch of pricey equipment, which is how I like to train!

"The fitness world, like so many aspects of our culture, is littered with too many machines, gadgets and apparatus. You can sell that array of stuff, which you can’t do with burpees or running around the block a few times. Our philosophy is that all you need to be fit is intestinal fortitude and a will, and that equipment shouldn’t be the difference maker."

I have yet to participate in a Spartan Race, but after reading about this book, I have added it to my priority list. I think we can ALL benefit from pushing ourselves to do something like this.

If you are interested in joining me in becoming a Spartan,  I suggest buying Spartan Up! You can pre-order your copy below. The official release date is May 13th!

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