Marathon Withdraw

I am still on that marathon high. I guess getting my hands on all the pictures (yes, I bought them) has kept the memories very fresh!

My FAVORITE. Gotta get this printed

Surprisingly, I have not had to take too much downtime. I did not run the day after the race, but ran a 5k on the treadmill Monday and 4 miles on Tuesday. I contemplated running tonight, but decided that I needed another day off. Especially when I have every intention on running every day from Thursday to Tuesday (the day of my surgery).

Running has felt great and I am pleasantly surprised. I expected my workouts this week to be a struggle, but I am happy that they have gone so well. Especially since these are the last few runs I will have for a couple of weeks. Luckily, the weather should be nice up until surgery day. So Peter and I have planned to run every evening after work. We also will run Saturday, Sunday, and after work Monday. Hell, I have considered getting a mile run in on the morning of my surgery.

Then I have 2 weeks of inactivity in front of me. Hopefully less so I can get back on track for one of my favorite races, the Hershey 10k, which is on April 14th.

From last year's Hershey 10k
I did great when I ran the Krumpe's 5k run only weeks after my first surgery in July. So this distance should be tolerable after being inactive, as well. I will also have Peter running with me, which will help me get through it. Though, I believe he will put me in the dust. He is now consistently running below a 10 minute mile and though I usually can run below 9 in a race, I will more than likely be a slow poke at Hershey. Oh well, can't have a great race every time.

Not after having an awesome marathon!!!

Crossing the finish line with a smile!
Sorry guys, you will be hearing about this marathon up to the point I start training for another.

How long do you wait after a marathon to run again?

Will I see any of you at the Hershey 10k?

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