Running Just To Run!


I have been running non-stop! The only days I have taken off since the marathon were Sunday and Wednesday. Every other day, Peter and I have visited the canal, taking full advantage of the warmth and sunshine!

 I must also mention that there's a HUGE difference between running to train and running just to run. Though I would never give up the last 16 weeks of training (they were a life changer), I do love running without having an end goal. It feels more like playtime rather than homework.

And today was the first Saturday that I did not run a typical "long run". Instead, Peter and I ran 5 miles while enjoying our surroundings.

Though Peter and I are do in for a rest day, we intend on getting out there tomorrow. At that point, I may as well run on Monday as well. Once Tuesday rolls around, no strenuous running for 2 weeks. Ahh!

I am just glad to have nearly hit 100 miles for the month, which was really a goal for me. I wasn't sure if I was going to get there. I will get up to the 150s-170s again soon though!!

Do you always run with a goal, or run just to run? 

What running did you get into this weekend?

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