My Last Meal

Despite feeling great enough to run every day for the last 5 days, I felt the effects of over-training. Though, there was no pain or injury associated (thank god!), it showed itself in the form of weight gain. After running a marathon on Saturday and following 16 weeks of dedicated training, my body decided to show that I needed a break.

A couple of pounds is not too much of a concern...I don't feel sluggish or pudgy. Besides, I have been feeling good enough to run and have enjoyed every mile that Peter and I have done. I have wanted to take advantage of this time. Besides, today was my last day for a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is surgery day. I will be at the surgery center at 6 am and should be home by 9. I am forbidden from heavy lifting or strenuous activities, like running, of course. I plan to spend the first 2 days on the couch, catching up on The Vampire Diaries and Lindsay.

But after that, if I am feeling up to it, I may start walking or doing some yoga. Yet if this turns out anything like my last surgery, walking will take my breath away. Peter did bring up a good point though. My last surgery was mid-July and the heat was pretty unbearable. This time, the temperatures should be quite cool. Hopefully that will help! I want to be ready to go in 2 weeks to ready myself for the Hershey 10k on April 13th.

Anyway, I just enjoyed my last meal of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (not helping the weight gain issue) and am ready to go, but I still have several hours to go. It will come before you know it!

I will surely send out an update soon!

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