Surgery and a Few More Goals for 2014

My surgery was a breeze and seemed to go smoother than my last. Compared to the several hours we spent at Meritus Hospital in July, we spent only 2 hours at the Robinwood Surgery Center. They were great at getting me in and out.

Like before, they put me under anesthesia and in the blink of an eye, I woke up in recovery. This time, I was in a little bit more pain than before. As opposed to the doctor taking out a smaller, more restricted portion of my cervix, they were taking out from all over. So any time I sat down, went to stand, or use the rest room, I would cringe. And still do. But the severity of it has worn off with time.

I am still groggy from the lingering anesthesia in my system (excuse my grammatical and spelling errors), but I am feeling good today! REALLY good! I did not get such a satisfying feeling the day after my first surgery. This has given me hope that all the pre-cancerous cells are gone and maybe this is the way I am supposed to feel. After having these abnormalities in my body for over 3 years, I may have forgotten what it feels like to be fully healthy and this could be it! Maybe the times where I have struggled to become motivated or be active was just the bad cells bringing me down. Maybe this entire time, I have not been the Lindsey I truly am! Oh, the possibility of this creates a fire of enthusiasm deep within my soul!

With that being said, there are some goals that I want to add to 2014. My current are more related to my running, but because I have a fresh outlook and a drive to be the best Lindsey I can be, a happy, HEALTHY, and strong Lindsey, I have some non-running related goals to add.

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  1. Try Crossfit. I don't have any interest in becoming an overly muscular women, but I do yearn to be stronger in every muscle I house, especially my butt! In looking at some of these women who do crossfit, their bodies are everything I could imagine wanting mine to be. So once I am well enough to start exercising again, I want to try a beginners 30 day crossfit routine. I found this one and pinned to my new Crossfit board (a work in progress). This seems to fit well with my running routine and will not take up an entire evening. So be on the lookout for blog posts following my progress and please, try it with me!!!
  2. Homemade Food. My diet is pretty decent. I live an 80/20 lifestyle (eat healthy 80% of the week, and indulge in your favorites 20% of the week). But most of my 80% healthy are store-bought, packaged, and sprinkled in unnecessary ingredients to preserve your food. So why not find the time to make your own stuff? Not only will your body thank you, but so will your wallet. I am starting with just a few items, like whole wheat bread, bagels, cheese, and almond butter. I buy these items frequently (with exception of the almond butter...I buy peanut butter), so why not make them myself and save a few dollars? I am actually starting this today! I am off work and may as well use this time to start! Recipes coming soon!
  3. Drink More Water!!! I must say, I am getting better with this. Ever since I started using Arbonne Wellness Products (a whole other post in itself), I have learned the importance of drinking water more often. It is so simple to just fill up a cup of water and chug. But if you are like me, you just don't do it nearly as often as you should! This leads to water retention (BLOAT!). Not to mention, your performance decreases!! Nothing like being on a run, dehydrated and there's not a fountain in sight. If only you drank more water!

These have all been added to my "2014 Goals Page" and I will be sure to keep you updated on everything and of course, the outcome of my surgery as soon as I have my post-op on the 7th!

Until then, stay strong!!!

Have you ever tried Crossfit? How was your experience? Any noticeable changes in your appearace?

What is your favorite HEALTHY homemade food to make? IE Bread, cheese, pasta, spreads, etc. Share your recipe and maybe I will share on my blog!

What are your tips to drinking plenty of water each day?


  1. I'm glad the surgery went okay, and hope recovery goes even better this time too.

    I have been slacking on my water lately. I was previously very good with it as I would be so parched that I would down so much. I have a 750 ml bottle at work that I try to drink at least two of them, but I think with our wonky weather system I just haven't had the urge to drink and do notice the lack of bathroom trips which are nice in one sense but then you know you need to drink more. For home, I love to cook our meals but I still do not have our 'tried and true' ones yet, I'm such a blog surfer that that is where I get all my meal ideas.

    1. I just am never thirsty! It's not that I don't like water, I just don't have the inclination to keep drinking more. I forced myself today to have several glasses of warm water...apparently it helps with digestion if it is warm, but even still, it was hard to drink when I didn't feel thirsty or my tummy was full!


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