The 4th Annual Nick Adenhart 5K

This was the best race I have ever participated in... and I think I say that with every competitive run I do. However, each tends to result in a new sense of accomplishment. I feel like I achieve something new each and every time.

In some races, a runner may gain their satisfaction with a PR, an age group award, or running more miles than they have ever in the past. Maybe, one is simply happy to have finished the run without walking. Regardless of what that source of gratification may be, each race can offer something different to a runner.

The Nick Adenhart 5K was one of the first races I truly felt competitive in. I never had such a drive to "win".

As I mentioned before, I started oozing confidence out of my pours last night. I knew I could do something amazing in this 5k. When I received my packet at the early pickup, I was presented with a hint that in this race, I had luck on my side.

Yes, lucky number 7!

When I woke up this morning with a slight stomach ache, I knew that. I was really nervous. But, I ate a good breakfast 2 hours before the race to get the energy I needed and avoid cramping.

Heinz Jalapeno Ketchup is DELICIOUS with eggs, by the way!

After doing a little bit of warming up, Peter and I journeyed to Williamsport High (my old school) to get the show on the road.

Prior to the start of the race, they held a short ceremony. Nick Adenhart's parents were present to say a few words, as well as the parents of Brendon Colliflower. Brendon died last year in a car accident following prom. Like Nick, he was also considered a Williamsport baseball champion who was taken far before his time.

Shortly following the ceremony, the race was underway. I had my Garmin set and I was ready to pace myself as planned. However, like some well-thought out plans, something goes wrong...

Within the first quarter mile, I looked at my watch and my pace was at 8:00. I instantly began to worry. I tried to slow down, but that wasn't happening. So I did what anyone would do: Just go with the flow! My goal switched from the original pace plan to just maintaining the 8 minute pace till the end.

And it worked!

When I reached the final mile, I didn't see a single female in front of me. I knew they were there. There were at least 3 seasoned female runners in this race and there was no contest. However, I knew I was up in front in the female pack.

I sped it up in the last .1 and made the PR of my life. Under 25 minutes!

I was pretty excited...

Peter and I stuck around for the awards ceremony to hear the winners. When it came to announce the top females in 20-29 age group, my heart did skip a beat. They awarded the third and second place ladies and I could feel my palms getting sweaty.

When they announced the official time of the 1st place female, I looked at Peter in defeat. I didn't get top 3.

Then they announced the name: "Lindsey Britner." They got my time wrong, but I was still 1st even with the error.

My jaw dropped.

My official time was 24:46. My best time prior was 25:23. That's a great deal of improvement in my opinion.

The rest of my stats are as follows:

Overall: 39/275
Female: 9/151
F 20-29: 1/30

I couldn't be more satisfied and now I have a race high. Wonder what I shall choose next?!


  1. Congratulations! I could never ever dream of winning a race! Maybe it was your decision to gain weight :D

    1. Thank you. Believe me, I never thought I'd see first place in any category either. If you work at it, you can do it :)

  2. Good work, girl!


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