A Bit Of Chi In Your Run!

Good evening! I'm quite the chipper ginger today!

Not only am I excited that it's STILL light out at 6:30, but I was able to run a decent amount this evening. I took off yesterday to recover from 23 miles. Most would say that you should take off a few more days, but I am feeling oddly painless after that adventure.

I only did a 5k on the treadmill just to keep it light, making sure my body was ready to run again. Though, by the end of the workout, I was pushing 7.5 mph with various inclines to make the treadmill a little more interesting.

Blasting my Skullcandy Headphones also helped get me going!

I tried incorporating some of what I've learned in ChiRunning today. I focused on running with my core/spine, letting gravity shift my body, not fighting against it, etc.

I've only finished Chapter 1 and I'm already sold on what Danny Dreyer is teaching. I think EVERY runner should read this. New runners, seasoned runners, injured runners...every single one. I think each of you could pull something of use from it. Many of the bloggers I follow, they have all mentioned injuries they've experienced or the difficult trainings that they've had to overcome. This practice could make all of your pain go away! Seriously, what harm can a book do to you?

Anyway, tomorrow, I plan on upping my mileage to 5 and perhaps 7 by Wednesday (my 1st runniversary!). Ultimately, it will only be what my body allows me to do since I should still be settling back from 23 miles.

Time will only tell!

How long do you rest for after a 20+ mile run? Do you follow the "rest for as many days as the miles you ran" rule?

Any amazing running books that you've read? Any that have completely changed your outlook on running? 

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