Maniac Mile Monday & PMS

Good evening, friends! It's been a snowy day in Maryland, but hopefully it's the last one we will have this year.

My amazing boyfriend woke up at 6 this morning just to shovel our driveway. Who does that!? I sure wouldn't. That's why I love him though!

Anyway, it was my second week of Maniac Mile Monday (I named that on the fly), where I run 1 mile as fast as I can, hoping for a future goal of 6:30 by the end of the summer. Last week, my time was a disappointing 7:28. This week was definitely an improvement!

I ate those 11 seconds for dinner! If I can see a bit of improvement every week, even if it's just a second or two, I'll definitely hit my goal by the end of summer!

But now on to some more pressing issues...

Not really, but I did want to discuss a topic that may not be appreciated by all audiences ( Though I feel it's definitely worth bringing up to the ladies in the crowd. This week is my dreaded PMS week. For me, I hit every symptom: mood swings, bloating, over-indulging, cramps, and then some. What I want to know is: Does your period/PMS affect your run or workout?

I'm on the fence on if my performance improves, decreases, or stays the same. Some months, I feel completely sluggish and I don't want to run at all during this time. However, there are many months I feel like I can push through anything. Those cramps are no match for me and my 15 mile run!

In fact, my 5 mile run felt great today, even with my impending period. I'm definitely bloated and irritable, but running felt like it thrived off of it and perhaps alleviated some of my PMS symptoms.What do you think?

Are you still experiencing any snow where you live? Are you ready for warm weather?

What's your fastest mile?

Do your runs or workouts get affected by your period? How so?

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