Cookie Dough Ice Cream & My Leopard Slippers

When it comes to my two weekly days of rest, I never complain that I'm not running! I take full advantage of laziness and a healthy (not so much) serving of calories. After my exhaustion kick this week, I know I needed these days.

So I put on my Snooki's Leopard Print Slippers....

....and indulged in some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

I NEVER buy ice cream at the grocery store. However, it's been calling my name from the Target freezer aisle for quite some time. Gaze into the creamy, cookie dough sweetness!

It's not my healthiest choice, but hey, it's okay to have some overly processed "frozen dairy dessert."

Rest Day 2 (tomorrow) is going to be a lot more interesting. I'm sure my blog post will be more food pictures than actual words tomorrow. I'll call it Food Foto Friday. Stay tuned!

Does it ever freak you out that it's not actually called "ice cream" but "frozen dairy dessert"?

Do you indulge on your "off days"?
-I only take 2 rest days, but I usually have indulgences 3 out of 7 days in the week, whether it's a big meal one day, some drinks another, a sugary dessert one evening...or a mixture of all 3 :)

What's your food related guilty pleasure?
-Mine is ice cream and Nutella.

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