Days Of Our Lives

Typically, you will not hear me discuss anything work-related in this blog. But it does take up a HUGE chunk of my life so there may be times, like today, that I bring it up.

Currently, I'm training for a new position within my company and our facilitator wanted to do an ice breaker with us (even though we all know each other). The activity was called "Days of Our Lives". Simply, we were given a piece of paper and were asked to draw am average day of our life. Afterwards, we were to switch our paper with others, leaving them to tell the story of our day. My drawing is below....

I make myself flat chested, even in drawings!

If I had an hour to do this as opposed to 10-15 minutes, it would've been a little more thought out.

Today, I shortened my long run to a little over 12 miles today. I know, so short, right? I just figured I should shave off just a couple of miles to save myself from the exhaustion I experienced last week. I ultimately do not want my runs to become a chore or something difficult and painful. Lessening my mileage today should help my overall attitude and energy level for the week.

During my last mile, since I did take it nice and slow, I played with speeds. I picked a tree to sprint to, then I picked another tree to jog to and cycled through till I reached my car. It was challenging, but it felt great! A big goal I want to achieve over the next year is improving my speed. I've got distance in the bag (other than the marathon mile marker), but distance isn't enough for me. I used to be faster, not by too much, but seeing my times grow instead of shrink hurts my running ego.

I do have a book Runner's World: Run Less, Run Faster, but I wanted to finish ChiRunning first. Form is more important right now, not speed.

Anyway, I have a big day ahead and must not lounge for too long! Have a great Saturday!!!

If you were to draw or explain a day of your life, what would it consist of? Pictures are welcome!!!

How long is your "long run"? Did you do it today? Do you do "long-short runs"? Ha.
-Today was a long-short run for me. My ideal long run would be anywhere from 13-16 miles.

What is your primary focus or goal in running? Speed? Distance?


  1. Love your drawing! Mine wouldn't have looked that good even if I had had an hour. I just did a 3 mile run this morning... I am working on building my base this year. My big focus for 2013 is staying injury free!!
    Elizabeth @

    1. Thanks for the drawing compliment! And remaining injury free should be a major goal with any runner, even though a lot of us (myself included) overlook the importance of that.

      Love your red hair, by the way! Red heads rule the world :)


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