Midfoot Strike...Who knew!

Slow and steady never killed anyone.

My time was a bit under par today. Averaged a 10:19 minute mile for 15.25 miles. Though, so much more came out of this run than I anticipated. Time was never the priority. In fact, I really didn't have a plan when it came to this run. I wasn't even sure if I would do 15 today. Saturdays are typically a 7 mile course.

If I had known I would do 15, I would have broken in the Camelbak. Believe me, I was regretting every mile I did not have water to drink. I did not forget a snack though. I had a baggie of almonds stashed in the SPIbelt. :o)

My ultimate goal for this run was to be completely relaxed. From what I gathered in the intro of ChiRunning, author, Danny Dreyer, believes most runners are injured not only because of form, but the fact that we run with tense bodies from life's every day stressors (I have a lot of them!). He states that if we run more like children, when we were stress and carefree, there would be no injuries. 

From what the reviews showed, this book is quite reputable. Runners swear that their training is effortless and pain-free. So I took what I read in the intro itself and brought it on my run. Every time I felt a muscle tense, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, letting my body relax into the run.  To my surprise, I developed a mid-foot strike within the first mile.

Mind blown!

You can tell from my banner that I'm heel striking away! I always have been since I started running. Today was not the case. All I could think of when this change occurred was "WHY HAVE I NOT RUN LIKE THIS BEFORE!?" I felt like there was more spring in my step and that my body was not absorbing as much shock from hitting the ground. Every time my feet wanted to revert back to heel striking, I just took that deep breath, closed my eyes, and exhaled my tension. The mid-foot strike was back.

This could not have happened at a better time. I have the planned marathon in less than 2 weeks. I can imagine that having a change in foot strike will not kill my body after! Also, I love my Brook's even more! They seemed to feel much better on that run.

Ever go on a run you didn't know how far you were going?

Have you read ChiRunning?

What kind of foot strike do you have? Were you ever a heel striker?

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