Busy Little Irish Bee!

I must apologize for my lack of post yesterday, but like any day I skip, it's because I become super busy after work!

Yesterday, Peter and I had to immediately run errands once we both clocked out. Mine was simply a liquor run (BIG surprise) and Peter had to get some gadgets to finish building our bookshelf. It's been a high priority project since we moved in. We haven't been able to fully unpack until the bookshelf was completed. So I sorta helped him put the boards together that he himself sanded, stained, and glossed.

Now we have PLENTY of space for more than just books.

I wish I had before pictures of this room prior to the unpacking process. It was covered in boxes. There was only enough room for Peter's desk and my treadmill. Now that we have the bookshelf and devoted a few hours reorganizing books and unpacking stuff to put on it, we have very few boxes left to deal with. By the end of it, I was happy to hit the bed.

This morning, despite my original plan of 10-12 miles, I took a 14 mile trail run.

For one, I missed running outside as I had spent Monday-Wednesday on the treadmill. Two, why the heck not!? It did give me plenty of time to ChiRun, which was very interesting, to say the least. When I attempt to run as they instruct, I end up running faster with the same or less effort. Not sure if I'm doing it right, but it felt right. Does that count?

I was plenty exhausted afterwards. Yet, for being so lethargic, I was still able to grocery shop, make dinner, clean, AND make jello shots for our St Patty's Day Party tomorrow.

Lookin' tasty! They smell even better! I have to celebrate my Irish Heritage and making these seemed very appropriate!

How long did it take you to fully move into your current home or apartment?

Did you do a long run today? Was it on a trail, treadmill, or road?

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Do you make sure to wear your green?


  1. Erm...we moved into our house two years ago and the spare room is still covered in boxes and odd bits!
    Now building myself up for a long run of 18 miles but it's raining pretty hard here so I've been building myself up for a while!!!
    I find it weird that St Patricks Day is so big in America. I'm from the UK and haven't heard of any happenings this weekend around us!

  2. No doubt I'll still have boxes two years from now that need unpacking.

    18 miles is incredible! Are you training for a marathon?

    St Patrick's Day is ultimately another excuse for us to drink. Irish or not. Though, I do particularly like it since I do have some Irish in me (red head).


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