I Love Grocery Day!

I LOVE grocery shopping!

And I am amazed at the number of shocked expressions I receive in response. They think grocery shopping day is a chore, but I jump at the opportunity to add food to my fridge.

This is an old picture. Our fridge is an unorganized mess!

 Sure, maybe you don't like spending the money, but if you can look past prices, why wouldn't you want to add more bread to the table? A person has to eat. Why not make the meals you eat on a day to day basis something to look forward to. You can get just as excited as I do when the weekly Target grocery trip comes around.

Today, my favorite grocery items purchased were....

Carbs and sugar!!! Wooo!

...Thomas' Bagels (who doesn't love bagels?) and Peeps!

I also purchased new seeds! We now have cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, squash, and broccoli to keep our bell peppers company. Peter and I actually potted our sprouted peppers today.

I'm very hopeful that my babies will turn into delicious produce.

Do you love grocery shopping as much as I do? If you don't, why?

What's your favorite food item to purchase?

What's growing in your garden this season?


  1. I love grocery shopping. just remember to never go hungry.

  2. you grow your seeds in solo cups? That is genius! do you ever move them to the ground or bigger pots or do the solo cups yield fully grown cucumbers?

    1. This is actually the first year my boyfriend and I are growing produce. We've both come from families that have farmed, but we are playing this all my ear, so not yet sure of what outcome we will see.

      As for the solo cups, we will end up transplanting into larger pots as needed.


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