Treadmill Love & Marathon Attempt

The reason I didn't blog yesterday is simple...

I knew that it would be a good excuse. It was delivered yesterday (finally!) and my amazing, wonderful, and superman of a boyfriend put it together. It took some time, but once it was assembled, you know that I was taking that thing for a spin.

First impression: OH MY GOD, THIS IS AMAZING!

Was running supposed to feel this...gentle? My treadmill (The Nordic Track C900 in case you were wondering) completely absorbs impact. I keep describing it as "running on a cloud". I did a short 4 mile run on it to make up for the miles missed during the Snowstorm-That-Wasn't Saturn and it was frighteningly easy! I increased the incline since running on a treadmill, from what I understand, is actually easier than running on the ground and it was still amazing!

Ah, and it has speakers and a fan! Oh, I am completely in love with my new toy!

I also tried out of new Mizunos. I do have a rough time breaking in new shoes as they are so beautifully clean. Obviously the treadmill would do them no hard, so I threw them on.

Please ignore the fact that it looks like I have cankles from this angle...
So far, I'm loving them! Though, the treadmill may have a lot to do with that so I'll have to take these bad boys outside soon.

Now, on to the marathon.


Yes, I'm doing my marathon tomorrow. I decided to up it to this weekend. The weather is going to be perfect so it's hard to say "ehhh, I'll wait." I don't think I'll be any more ready next week than this week. I have my map ready, my SPIbelt packed with goodies and I'm currently washing some running clothes.

I'm READY! 8am is when I plan on starting. Hoping to be finished by 12:30. Pizza will follow. Then probably sleep and more pizza. So wish me luck, pray for me, send good vibes!

Do you have a treadmill? What kind and do you love it?

Do you use MapMyRun to track your progress and daily runs?

Have you ever decided to do a run earlier than anticipated just because of jitters? Or readiness?

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