Run, Rest, Eat

I don't know why I've been completely exhausted this weekend, but this day of laziness was much needed.

When I arrived home from my 7 mile trail run, I had a plate of stuffed cabbage thanks to Peter's mom. I absolutely LOVE this meal. It's one of my favorites!

Afterwards, I managed to get some weight training in. Though, once finished, I immediately hit the bed to just "lay down".

That was soon followed by sleep.

The only time I got out of bed was to eat a banana nut muffin and to get a shower. I've since migrated to my living room couch so I could update my blog and eat some dinner: Left-over enchiladas!

Now if I could only get up again....

When did you last have a lazy day?

What is your top 3 favorite meals?

Do you like eating leftovers?

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