My First Surgery and Day 1 into Recovery

I successfully made it through my first (and hopefully last) surgery!

The worst of it was the prep, which wasn't too terrible. Just a lot of questions and a lot of waiting. However, they made it up to me by giving me a massage...

Though, it got old after a while and I got really uncomfortable. Especially when they put the IV in my arm. I couldn't comfortably bend it once it was in. I didn't have to suffer through it too long, fortunately. Soon after they hooked me up to the IV, I was rolling back to the operating room, where they administered medication right into my IV tube. I instantly felt very sedated, but didn't fall asleep until face mask was administered. I only took a few deep breaths and BAM, I was already waking up in recovery.

Once the nurses noticed that I was coming to, they asked what my pain number was: 0 meant no pain, while numbers as high as 8 meant extreme pain. I gave a 2 because I could feel something was done, but it never felt bad, just uncomfortable. Within 10 minutes, I changed my pain score to a 1. However, they kept me around because my heart rate was in the 30s. It didn't take long to get out though. I was the star patient. Barely any pain or nausea.

I got to take home some lovely parting gifts.

These compression socks didn't have anything on mine, so I changed it up once I arrived home.

The discomfort remained manageable, but my emotions were far worse. That is apparently a side effect of the anesthesia. I nearly cried at Sheetz because they didn't have wheat buns for a chicken sandwich WHEN THEY NORMALLY DO! There were more emotional outbursts through out the evening, but I just went to bed (or couch) and slept for nearly 12 hours, getting up twice to actually go to my bed, then later to eat breakfast.

Speaking of food, I've been trying to cut back since I am going to be inactive for all this week. For breakfast, instead of having 2 slices of toast with my cereal, I had one. I skipped my morning snack, mainly because of sleeping and I wasn't hungry. For my snack, instead of having my two rice cakes with peanut butter, nutella, chocolate chips, and almonds, I had one. My evening snack will either be fruit and yogurt or popcorn.

In making all these little changes, as well as being mindful of my proportions for my lunch and dinner, I've reduced my intake by nearly 600 calories...give or take. That's about how much I would burn on a 7 mile run. I do not feel like I am starved either. I am allowing myself everything I normally have, just cutting a little out of it. Next week, I will allow myself more since I'll be re-introducing exercise back into my life. Though, that won't be until Tuesday or Wednesday. For now, my only approved activity is easy walking.

So if you were wondering, I'm surviving. Not hating life without running...yet!

Have you ever had surgery? How well did you recover? Any pain?

While in recovery from any body trauma, do you reduce your calorie intake/change your diet to make up for your lack of activity?

How was your run today? It is hot on the east coast! Did you tough it out east coasters?

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  1. Glad to hear you're recovering! Just keep in mind that your body may actually need extra calories to heal, but that's great you've made adjustments to keep your body lean and mean. I too have been very very emotional coming out of anesthesia! It's totally normal. AND YES IT IS SO HOT! OMG BLAH. (Actually, I think tackling the heat makes running more fun ;) )


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