Exhaustion & Mileage Goals

My day started off with a very difficult run. I'm not sure if it was the humidity, my exhaustion, or that I was just not feeling it, but the run was a mind game. I went out with the intention of completing 8 miles; however, I changed my mind at least 5 times.
I initially cut it to 7, then 6, then 5, then pushed it back up to 7. I teetered on the thought of going back 6 for a bit, but I did end up finishing at 7. The fact that I had to rework my running plan numerous times, I knew 8 wasn't my number today.

For me, not meeting my planned mileage sends me into a scheduling rage. I end up having to figure out where I can make up the miles lost. I like hitting a 40 mile week and can be quite hard on myself if I don't hit my goal. I know, I do need to chill out! My body may not always be feeling 40 miles for a reason (illness, exhaustion, etc).

Anyway, when I arrived home, I lay on my bedroom floor for a few minutes, knowing that if I lay in bed instead, I was going to go to sleep. Yet, Ginger did her best to keep me up by constantly licking me.

I am happy that I did get my run done early (even though the weather seems perfect now!) because now I can rest and relax. I didn't do this at all yesterday. I think I bit off way more house projects than I could chew. But a decent amount are completed. I won't have to touch them for another week.

I am particularly proud of this one...

A mirror, chalkboard spray paint, and tape. Oh, and a handy boyfriend that can hang a mirror that did not come with any parts to do so. <3

Anyway, I'm gonna rest up! Hope you all had a good Monday!

Have you ever changed your mind several times during a run as to how far you were going to go?

Do you have a set mileage goal per week?

Do you ever feel guilty for missing a run or cutting back miles?

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