Quick Check In!

Welllll, I was going to run tonight.

I had every intention on running an easy 4 miler, BUT I decided that my 2nd rest day was much needed. It was a rough week for this ginger and sacrificing a run that I never do on a Friday anyway should not hurt me.

I'm keeping it comfy tonight!

Besides, I have the race tomorrow! I will take it easy this evening since I'm more than likely do 2 runs tomorrow (the race and a recovery run). Then, I have my long run planned for Sunday. There's no need for me to add extra miles today!

I think the inclination to run tonight is because of the pre-race jitters that are starting to kick in. However, I'm feeling quite confident at this point. I have faith that I'll do well tomorrow!

And I will have my groupies cheering me on...

Or groupie, I should say.

They are also calling for better temps and lower humidity! Woo! Looks like luck may be on my side!

Have a good Friday night and wish me luck tomorrow :)

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