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I have finally reached 10,000 page views. I'm feeling pretty badass. Though, I know I don't quite compare to other known running bloggers like Hungry Runner Girl or Run Eat Repeat. One day, I hope to be as influential as they are. Or maybe become as fast as they are. Or both?

Hungry Runner Girl aka Janae was the first blogger I started following when I became a runner. I love her enthusiasm. Every day, Janae is a gleaming ball of sunshine, even if she is suffering from an injury. She tends to find the positive in everything and I thrive off of that. Janae is also full of valuable information. She offers training tips almost daily for runners of all levels. I have found much of it extremely useful. This girl has given me some PRs!

And did I mention, she's a foodie?! Nothing like a fellow female that loves to eat!

So does this next lovely woman!

Run Eat Repeat aka Monica is a red headed runner (maybe I'm biased?) who originally started blogging to track weight loss. Monica has not only kicked butt at losing some lbs, but has become quite the runner. She has completed numerous marathons and half-marathons and is working towards 13 halfs for this year alone!

What I really love most about her is that she believes in a 80/20 lifestyle. That means that Monica spends 80% of her time maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating well and working out. However, she also allows 20% of "fun" so she can have those cheat foods we love so much. I fully support this and tend to live my life the same way. Why restrict? Let's be happy!

I recommend both of these ladies if you're looking for running advice or some really delicious recipes. They have provided me with a great wealth of knowledge and it has done nothing but help me become a better runner. Without them, I would not be where I am today.

Do you have any blogs that you follow on a daily basis?

Who are your running inspirations? 

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