Aggressive Running

Unfortunately, I have gone insane. I came home from work in quite the mood. Well, I have actually been in "quite the mood" all week. I am Oscar the Grouch's evil twin. is that bad. I wouldn't question it.

I thought this evening would be somewhat relaxing. Peter's birthday present arrived in 2 large packages and because I had no way of hiding them (I should've had them delivered to my parents), I gave him his gift nearly a month early.

What did I get him, you ask?

Relaxing, right?

We lay on it for a moment, enjoying the comfort, but I had some working out to do. I couldn't let myself get lazy. :o(

I started with weight training since it was way too hot for me to run. That was approximately the time my aggression kicked in. I don't know what the source of it was, but I don't think I have ever completed a weight workout that fast and with such energy! I was hoping that it would have helped tame my mood, but it actually didn't do me any good.

After finishing, I began to clean with much intensity. There was dust everywhere and I had to Pledge all of the rooms that had any wooden furniture. That led to vacuuming a few rooms as well. I could have taken it a step further, but I decided to stop before I got too caught up in it. It is a week day after all!

It wasn't getting any cooler so it was time to hit the trail before the sun set.

This is what I looked like before my run...

This was my time and temperature after...

This was how I looked/felt after stretching...

I must say, aggressive running is the best kind of running. I ran so fast even with the high temperature and humidity. Had to have been from the insanity I had inside!! It felt good to burn out all my anger in that 5 mile span, especially when I thought that run was going to be killer.

Makes me want to have that sort of aggressive behavior every running day.... Yeah, just kidding. I really hope I get out of this funk soon.

How do you rid yourself of aggression and anger?

Do you find yourself running faster when you're angry?

Are you able to withstand the elements easily when you are grouchy?

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