Ego Boost & 2 Rounds on the Treadmill

I think I am still on a high from my race on Saturday. I have never been more proud of myself as a runner. My manager at work even sent out an email to my department just to congratulate me on my accomplishment (he happened to be passing through when my award was announced...what are the odds!?).

My ego was heightened a little.

I believe that this has been the rainiest day we've had all year.

I knew that I had to take to the treadmill. The rain was way too sporadic for me to even think of going outside. It would sprinkle one minute, then, there would be a monsoon in the backyard the next. I would love to run in this type of weather; however, I think that would be frowned upon for safety reasons. Like my Hurricane Sandy run...

Anyway, since I wasn't entirely fond of a treadmill run today, I decided to break it up into two sessions. I did 3 miles for my first round. I figured it would kill some time while our delicious dinner was baking (cheesy breaded chicken). Then, once I did some digesting, I went back for round 2, completing another 3 miles.

Breaking up a run seems like a great idea, but I don't feel like I get the same benefits. I know I finished the mileage I wanted to, but it seemed too easy. I hear doing a workout, whether in full or broken up, provides the same results in the end. Though, I've heard conflicting views as well. I hate the internet sometimes.

I still managed to sweat my little butt off.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day. I should be able to push out a single session on the trail.

Hope you had a happy Monday!

How long does it take for you to come down from a great race?

Do you break up runs? Do you think they are just as beneficial as one full workout?

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