Run, Grumpy, Run!

This is all I've been doing this weekend...

Oh, how embarrassing...wrong picture... ;-)

That's more like it.

I have been exhausted! I think the heat has really taken it out of me. Recently, I have been retiring to the couch to grab some zzz's after my weekend runs. I prefer not to take naps if I can avoid them. I feel that the only benefits they serve are to screw up sleep schedules and waste valuable productivity time. Unfortunately, I now have to take naps to function.

Upon returning from my 8 miler today, I threw a bit of a fit. I attempted to keep my run easy to avoid developing a crabby attitude from exhaustion. I even including a 15 minute break at the halfway point to admire the dam.

Yet, I still found myself grumpy at the finish. I also knew that cleaning had to be done upon arriving home. I didn't want any part of it this week. But Peter, being the kind, generous, and amazing boyfriend he is, let me relax while he did most of the cleaning himself.

I ended up sleeping for nearly 2 hours. Needless to say, I didn't get much done because of it. Though, I do feel a bit more level headed now that I regained some lost energy.

I really hope I get though this phase of exhaustion soon because I'm really not loving it. There are so many things I'd rather do than sleep (even though sleep is one of the best things ever). I have a mile long list of projects that need completed on the house, like this one...

This will be a future door to our Master Bathroom. Currently, we do not have a door. We didn't feel it a priority since the bathroom is attached to our bedroom. Now, I feel it's about time we install one. We can't do a standard door. Our door frames are sized in a way that you couldn't buy one from Lowe's and have it fit. We figured, if we are going to have to make a custom door, we may as well make it unique! I think I'll start buying the supplies on my next paycheck. :)

Do you find yourself napping more often after exerting yourself in the heat?

Do you have a bad temper after pushing yourself in hotter weather?

Do you like taking naps or do you try to avoid them?

Any home projects that you have planned for the summer? Do tell!

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