Athleta Visor Present & Running Games

First and foremost, I want to thank Live Free and Run for her giveaway. I happened to be the lucky winner from her recent contest and received an Athleta visor.

I wore it for the first time today and must say it's pretty comfy! That is saying a lot coming from me. In the past, I have had nothing but bad luck with any type of hat or head gear while running. It either doesn't stay on or it feels like I am loosing circulation to my brain. Even the adjustable hats! "One Size Fits All" my arse!

So thanks again, Colleen! I'm in love with my prize and will definitely look into some Athleta gear in the future!

Anyway, I ran a 6 miler on the treadmill yesterday. At first, I was going to break it up since I consider the treadmill a "dreadmill." I figured I would do 3 miles, rest and make dinner. Then, I would follow up with 3 more miles and call it a day. But, I changed my mind about 10 times and ended up making a game out of it. Oh the ways we must entertain ourselves just to get through a run...

I'm sure it was only considered fun by my standards, but I decided to see how many miles I could do before Peter got home from his hair cut. Normally, he doesn't take too long to finish up. I figured I would at least get 3-4 miles in before he arrived. That's when I would take the break and finish out later in the evening.

Well, I ended up finishing the entire 6 miles before he got home.

That wasn't exactly how I wanted to play the game, but I think I won in the end because I got the dreadmill workout over with.

Today, I took to the trail for a 5 mile run. I was fooled by the weather and thought "This is going to be such a lovely run! I'll probably end up doing a few more miles!" I was so very wrong. It was really nice for the first mile, but once I was in the woods, the humidity was pretty heavy. Also, my legs were not too keen on the idea of running today. In fact, they started falling asleep during the last 2 miles. That has not happened in months, so I think they may actually need these next 2 rest days. Then, they will be ready to give me some more of the best running days ever! :o)

Happy Hump Day!

What hats or headgear have you worn this summer? Any recommendations for my fat head?

Any running games you play to make it a little more enjoyable? Anyone ever try that Zombies, Run! app?

Ever have your legs/feet fall asleep on a run? Have you found a way to stop it without having to take a break during your run?


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