Compression Session: The Socks in Question?

Note: The title of this blog post is sung with the tune of "Conjunction Junction".

I received my first pair of PRO Compression socks the other day. I purchased the 4th of July edition. What runner could possibly pass up themed socks for a race?

I sported mine on the trail to test them out. After all, we are just a week and a half away from Independence Day. It's not too early to show them off to the public! I'm sure most were jealous that they didn't have socks that screamed "patriotism." Especially the lady who said I dressed too skimpy last week. She passed me 4 times on her bike today.

It had to be the socks...

Anyway, if you have never tried compression socks, or have heard the benefits they offer, here's the deal. Compression Socks were introduced to improve blood flow in the legs. They help prevent clotting, blood pooling, inflammation, and can assist in any pain or discomfort a person may have in that area of the body. The first time I ever saw a pair of compression socks was when my dad had hip surgery several years ago. He was given them while he was in recovery.

For runners, having the improved blood circulation would help minimize the lactic acid build up that causes your legs to get sore after a difficult run, like a race or a long distance run. It's also said that the socks decrease the vibrations in your leg muscles, which may resort in shin splints.

Now, some of these theories may have little or no proven scientific evidence that supports them. However, when you try on a pair of compression socks and go for a run, you be the judge. I, for one, find compression socks to offer the benefits that these companies, like PRO Compression and CEP Compression, claim.

I wore my new socks on a 9 mile run today. The intention was only to run 7, but what the heck! The 90% humidity didn't break me. Though, practically breathing in water is never a satisfying experience. For anyone.

Anyway, the socks were very comfortable! They were tight in all the right places without cutting off my circulation (that would obviously be the opposite effect of what their purpose is). When I wear compression socks, I feel like my legs are stable, strong, and controlled. They never feel worn and torn after a long run.

I can't wait to try my PRO Compression socks for the 5k on July 4th. I have never used a pair in a race so I'm hoping to see the benefits show through, especially in recovery. I think they would have been very helpful after the Nick Adenhart race. My legs died after that one!

If you want to try a pair of PRO Compression Socks and look fab this July 4th, you can purchase their patriotic pair at 40% off using the coupon code JL4. Go HERE!!!

Do you wear compression socks?

Do you primary use compression socks for races, recovery, or just every time you run?

If you own compression socks, do you feel that the claimed benefits are true for runners?

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  1. I use my compression socks for recovery. Runners world had a statistic that compression sock wearers recover a whopping 1% faster than other runners.


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