Race Nerves & Some Weather Wining

I am crazy nervous for the Nick Adenhart 5K on Saturday. I've been worrying about it all week! I feel that I have the potential to do really well, but there is one factor that could hinder me from performing my best.


Saturday's Forecast
I'm not down for 81% humidity or that dew point! If you remember the chart I posted in a previous blog, a dew point of 65% is considered uncomfortable and it could possibly affect race time. Boo! I'm so frustrated that we've had next to ideal weather all week and now Mother Nature throws this ish in the mix.

Regardless, I'm still going to try to follow one of the following pace plans: 9:00, 8:30, 8:00 OR 8:45, 8:30, 8:15. I want to finish in the 25th minute. That is my goal. It doesn't have to be my PR time, but I want it in that minute.

I only wish this type of weather put me in the mindset of "The faster you run, the faster you finish." But how many times has that worked in less than ideal running conditions?

I do believe I have an advantage though. The race course is one that I've circled plenty of times. The first time I ran a similar loop was for Williamsport, MD's Run for Freedom 5K last 4th of July. The weather was similar to what they are calling for on Saturday: Unbearable. However, I still won an age group award, even if I shamefully walked for about a minute from heat cramps.

My very first running medal!!!
There for a while, I was also running through the area as part of my Sunday 7 miler. I know what to expect when it comes to the course, hands down. It's really just the weather I'm dreading. But, I've dealt with worse and I'm better prepared to face the heat this time. I'll have a frozen water bottle ready so I can dump ever last bit of frozen relief on myself to tolerate this race.

I WILL kick butt! Count on it!

How do you prepare to do your best for a race even when the weather is not ideal?

What do you think is an advantage when running a race?

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