Running PR and Post-Surgery Activities

I want thank each of you who had left suggestions of what I can do post-surgery.

I particularly loved FitLizzy's response:
"Super-duper long run the day before surgery so I feel like resting in the aftermath. Also? Books! Knitting! I think we run around so much that we forget there is joy to be found in sedentary activities, too."
She is right.  I really should take this time to stop and smell the flowers. Every day, I come home from work and plan my evening around my run. Though, running is a great portion of my life, I need to take this opportunity to try something new. There are other important things in life than running miles and miles every day.

Since I love food, why not find a new recipe to cook or a new dessert to bake? I can go walking with Peter in the evenings like we used to. I may find a new project to start working on around the house. I can lay on the hammock at night and read a new book. Play a board game or try to beat an old school Super Nintendo game (I've been thinking about that for some time). I do have plenty fun options to take advantage of.

runnerontherise also left some great suggestions:
"Cycling, pilates, yoga. You don't have to sweat buckets or almost kill yourself every workout to get or stay in shape."
Though, I do not believe cycling will be doctor approved post-surgery, I think Pilates and Yoga are great options for my second week of recovery. There's a website that actually offers hundreds of free yoga videos for any difficulty level. They even have runner specific workouts as well. The site is called Do Yoga With Me. You should check it out!

Also, if I begin to lose my mind during the recovery process, I know that my bloggin' friends will be here to help me through it. You guys are the best!!! :o)

Anyway, today was the last day of the month and I finished strong! Yesterday, I completed an unplanned 12 miler. I was aiming for 10; however, I was in a bit of a panic. Since I found out I would be off for a couple of weeks, I thought that getting in a few extra miles was necessary. It was a nice run, but, it got a little too humid near the end. I hate being unable to breathe.

Today, I completed an 8 miler. Once again, way too humid for my tastes. Though, my mileage did pay off. Today's run left me with a total of 172.79 miles for the month. That means I have a new PR in the most miles ran in a single month. Go Lindsey!!! I have a feeling I will beat that at least one more time this year. The fall months seem quite promising for me.

What are your favorite sedentary activities?

What do you like better: Yoga or Pilates?

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like my suggestions. New recipes = awesome idea! Take the time you need to recover the right way and you'll discover new, wonderful things about life. Plus, you'll really rock the running in the fall. (When it's not as humid!) I'm looking forward to reading about your cooking adventures (God knows I could use some cooking inspiration). AND Do Yoga with Me - fantastic site :)


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