Let's Talk Shoes, Socks, and Strawberry Jam?

Good afternoon, runners!

I had my very first sock mishap during my 10 miler today!

I have had this pair and four others for nearly a year. This is the first time I got a hole. They are all getting pretty worn out, but I still think that a year rotating through these socks is quite amazing. I think that it proves they are pretty tough and can withstand many miles! Under Armour sells them in packs of 5 on Amazon. They have them in neon too!

I will give them two thumbs up! I already have a new pack ready to join the rotation.

Anyway, I'm ready to hit the 500th mile in my Brooks PureGrit 2s.

I am quite sad because these were my very first pair of Brooks and they have been kind to my feet. We didn't start out with the best relationship, but once I finally developed a mid-foot strike, I fell in love. I am confident I will buy another pair with my next pay check. These shoes are perfect for my trail runs.

I am also considering a new pair of Mizunos. I currently have a pair for treadmill-only runs.

I need a pair of shoes just for road runs. I had the Asics, but if you do not remember, we broke up after a few very bad runs. As a result, I was using the Brooks for both trail and road runs. That is how I got 500 miles on them so quickly!

However, I haven't yet decided which model of Mizunos I want. I'm leaning towards the Wave Riders again since they have treated me well on the treadmill so far. Yet, treadmill and road running do differ...so I am not entirely sure at this time.

Anyway, enough about my feet, let's move onto jam (what a subtle topic change).

I wanted to share with you this mouth watering Strawberry Vanilla Jam that my mom made for me...

Isn't her hand-writing gorgeous?

But since technology has not yet provided a way of instantly sharing food via internet connection, I guess you will not be able to taste it at this time.

I have been spoiled with homemade jellies and jams these past few weeks. Our roommate, Chris, has allowed us some of his raspberry jelly that was canned a couple years back. So yummy! I've had it on my toast and bagels almost every morning. Though, I've had to cheat on the raspberry jelly with my mom's strawberry jam recently.

Perfect pre-run breakfast
It's going to be hard going back to store bought. So hopefully this summer we can can (haha...can can) our own for the fall/winter months.

Have you ever had running socks that lasted a year or longer? Which brand/style of socks were they?

Do you have more than one pair of running shoes depending on the type of run?

How many miles do you put in a shoe before switching out?

What's your favorite jelly/jam flavor?

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  1. I love my Mizunos! I've been running in Wave Riders for four years and I can't imagine running in another shoe. The cushion and comfort make them perfect for our door runs. :) I put about 400-500 miles on a shoe before switching out; I'm about to buy some Wave Rider 16s to start switching out with my 15s until they finally croak.


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