All Calf, No Thigh

PRO Compression is now selling these awesomely patriotic socks. They will be perfect for my Run for Freedom 5k this July 4th. They are currently 40% off using coupon code JL4. Go buy some!

As I was measuring myself up for the best fit, it would appear that I have the largest calves in Boonsboro, MD. I discovered that largest part of my calf measures 14.5 inches. Say whaaa!? That is only a 3.5 inch difference from my thigh!

I made Peter measure his to compare. His calves were 16 inches. Then, his thighs were about 8 inches larger than his calves. It made my calf to thigh ratio look a bit sad, but I'm looking to beef them up. I know they are weak because lately, I have found myself struggling to climb stairs and other inclines. Peter calls me "Grandma Lindsey" because of how slow I have become.

Since I don't want to be mistaken for an elderly woman, I decided to add some extra strength exercises to give my thighs the boost they need. First, I did some simple lunges, but then, I thought I would turn it up a notch.

Switch lunges are a bit high impact in comparison to your regular lunges. Adding the jump really turns up the intensity. It may have been too early for me to start these as opposed to regular ol' lunges. The muscles just above my knee are KILLING me today from it. Though, it's like they say, "No pain, no gain!"

I figure if I increase my thigh strength, my running will ultimately improve. Especially when it comes to heavy inclines. I can't lose!

Have you ever bought PRO Compression Socks? What do you think of them? Are you buying the Patriotic pair?

Do you do any squats or lunges to improve your thigh strength? Has it improved your running?

What's your favorite thigh exercise?


  1. That's so funny - I actually wear a size medium/large in the neoprene compression sleeves I occasionally use; I didn't think my calves were THAT huge until I tried a pair on! Mine are just plain black, but I LOVE the patriotic pair!!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one with meaty calves! :)


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