Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

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Anyone else experiencing the heat yet?

We are here in Maryland, and I am not a happy camper. What more can you expect from a pasty red head? We were not made to endure summer's obnoxious temperatures and UV rays. We fry like bacon.
Sun burnt face!!! Ahhh!

Though, I'm not saying throw 10 feet of snow with ice and cold temps my way either.

My icicle will kill you!

When it comes to heat, I find this to be more of a comfort issue, one which I must adapt to. I personally do not like feeling as though I'm being baked alive in an oven. However, I am told that as long as you are properly fueling and hydrating yourself, heat should not be a problem. But you must not forget our dear friend, humidity! That's when you have to start looking into dew point temperatures (water to air saturation temperature).

I found a handy little chart on Runner's World article that gave me an idea of what to expect based on dew point alone.

I have never thought to take dew point into account. I always just looked at general temperature and thought, "Oh, it's 90 degrees, guess I have to stick with the treadmill." 

Before my run this evening, I was looking at a dew point of 67 degrees and according to this chart, that is considered "uncomfortable for most," but an easy run should be OK. Although that may be the case, the run was still slightly unbearable. Though, what I found to be truly important was finishing my goal mileage in good time.

My pace was a little inconsistent, but it could have been worse.

Also, now that we are hitting higher temps, I feel that it's okay to sporadically change my running schedule. Usually, I will run once I come home from work, but I'm finding that it's way too miserable out. I held out a little longer this evening and probably will do so more often. But I may skip tomorrow completely. I'm off work on Friday and although I don't normally run on Fridays, I can get one in early, before the heat kicks in to high gear.

Anyway, have a good evening, guys! I will be back to talk body fat tomorrow!

Did you have a hot run this evening? How far did you go?

Do you wait till later in the evening or wake up earlier in the morning to avoid high temps on your run?

What do you prefer? Hot or cold runs?


  1. I'm so glad you got your run in outside in the heat! I read your post before I ran and you inspired me to put the miles in. I ran about 7 tonight and waited til later in the evening so the temp was down a bit. It was actually really nice. I ran by a gym with people running on the treadmills and, well, felt slightly superior :)

    1. Aww! I'm glad I could help! But running in the heat is really a mind game! It's so hard to keep going when you're so uncomfortable. But good for you and you should feel superior.

      Where are you located, by the way?

  2. I live in New Jersey - but my boyfriend lives in Baltimore, MD - I'll actually be down there (making him run with me) this weekend!

    1. That's awesome! Let me know if you ever plan to do any races in MD since that's where I am at. I'm about an hour away from Baltimore

    2. I definitely will! I hope to do some soon. I love running out-of-state races. And I actually will probably be moving down there at some point so it's inevitable :)


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