Breaking the Rules and Running!

And the rule breaking officially began today.

I am nearly 2 weeks into my so-called "recovery" and I am DONE laying around. I decided to kick it up a notch this evening since I have been frustrated with my fitness taking a step backwards. I journeyed to the trail because 1) it was beautiful out and 2) I wanted to go a little further than 2.5 miles. I was aiming for 3, but due to my excitement, my more responsible plan was thrown out the window.

I tied up my brand new Brook's...

...and wore a cute running outfit for the occasion. I had to look decent for my first run back on the canal!

The run started out like any other, but today, I was feeling better than I had in comparison to my last two runs. Once I approached mile 1.5 (my planned halfway point), I decided there would not be any harm in going just a hair farther. Then, I passed mile 2 and thought, "What the hell!? Why not go 5 miles!"

My pace seemed insane too. I was hitting every mile right below 9 minutes. It was as if I never took the 2 weeks off. At least, in the case of my pace. As for how I actually felt, that's a different story! Just as I reached mile 2.5, my breathing became very labored like in my previous runs. I could not take in as much oxygen as my body needed.

I looked down at my Garmin to check my pace and was surprised by my heart rate. It started to peak at 180 bpm. That was beyond what I have ever seen on my watch! Typically, I am between 150-170, depending on the temperature outside. I made an effort to slow down during mile 3-4, but my legs had a different idea. I only sped up again in the final mile.

I ended up finishing under 45 minutes...

Though I was proud of myself, I think I should have taken it a little easier on myself since none of this was doctor approved. I will kick back a little tomorrow. I am only to do about 2-3 miles tomorrow with my dear friend, Ashley! It will be nice to have a running partner for once!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Monday! I know I did! It's good to be back in my running shoes again.

What shoes are you currently wearing for your trail runs? Do you recommend them?

What did your running outfit consist of today? Are you concerned if it looks good or not?

What's your normal heart rate during a run? Do you try to keep it in a target range?


  1. Go you! You look adorable! I love that top/bra. I ran 5 miles today too (gorgeous, gorgeous night in MD). I wore all lulu (which I usually try not to do): purple cool racerback and purple speed shorts. I don't usually care how I look - I just like to feel comfy!

    1. It was lovely weather! Why do you try to avoid lulu? I can't afford their stuff! Love them, but can't imagine spending the money!


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