Still Sane...For Now

I have been getting quite antsy to run again.

Though, I am trying hard to use this entire two week recovery time to rest and relax. There are still a few physical issues I am dealing with from surgery, but they should resolve themselves by the weekend. I am planning run again on Monday or Tuesday with an easy 5k.

 I have remained a walker in my recovery, sticking to about 3 miles a day. It prevents me from achieving "couch potato" status. I have not taken on biking like I thought I would, but that may come this weekend. I was thinking a 15-20 mile ride on the trail would be reasonable, if weather permits.

The food intake though has been more difficult to decrease. I have cut down my morning toast intake to one slice as opposed to 2. I have also have exchanged my morning snack from high carb granola bars, breads, etc, to a fresh peach or some grapes. Everything else has pretty much remained the same. Though, if you noticed from my previous posts, you can see I have been trying to make my meals as healthy as possible!

Fortunately, I am surviving and am not insane from lack of running. So far, I have enjoyed my break and have been able to focus on other things I enjoy, like cooking, video games, and my boyfriend. I hope to have one of my intended projects finished this weekend so I can tell you guys all about that! :)

Hope you all are having a great week! I will update later this weekend!

Have any good runs this week? Any races planned?

Try anything new this week? Activity? Recipe? 

What are your weekend plans?

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