PureGrit 2 Retirement & Last Day

This is going to be very difficult for me, but I am retiring the Brook's PureGrits. They have exceeded their 500 mile lifespan in the few short months that I've had them.

In memory, here are some photos I shared with the beloved pair of shoes...

I will miss my very first pair of Brooks, but like any running shoe, they all must go to shoe heaven eventually...or remain in my closet till I find the courage to part with them later. Weeks later.

Do not despair! The relationship with the PureGrits is not over. I already bought a new pair of them so they are ready when I come out of my running hiatus! Nothing like new shoes to start fresh in. That's one thing I have to look forward to!

Speaking of new shoes, I want to get some new Mizunos. I love my Wave Rider 15s that I strictly use for treadmill runs. I thought I would also benefit from buying another pair for my road runs.

Aren't they gorgeous!? These babies are at the top of my shopping list. I think this color combo is pretty sweet! Reminds me of glow sticks for some reason. :o)

Anyway, as you know, tonight was my last night running prior to surgery. It was pretty stinkin' hot, but I was not spending my last evening on the treadmill. Besides, Peter joined me on the trail! He didn't really stick around (I can't run as fast as he can bike), but it was still nice we both could enjoy the C&O Canal tonight.  I hope we can do this more often once I am fully recovered.

On the subject of recovery, I may or may not blog for the next few days depending on how medicated I am or if I'm in pain. I hope you all understand. However, I will be sure to let you all know how everything goes! I know I'll be okay, though.

Make sure you runners blog and comment all about your runs!

Do you have a hard time parting with your favorite pair of running shoes when they have reached their mileage?

What is your favorite color(s) for running shoes?

Do you try to include your significant other on your runs? Whether getting them to run with you or bike around you?

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  1. I just clicked on your blog from Hungry Runner Girl :) I am in desperate need of new shoes as well, my Brooke's Adrenalines are finished :( I am thinking about trying the Pure series too, but the Pure Cadence.


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