Prepping for Surgery/Recovery

This weekend, I have done a lot of prep for my surgery. Friday, I left work early to visit the doctor for my pre-op. We went over the schedule of my procedure and how long it will take from check in to check out. She and I also discussed recovery again. This time, she has advised that I abstain from running completely for 2 weeks. Though, she did recommend leisurely biking as an exercise option for my second week. I am completely okay with this just as long as I do not have to remain inactive!

I was sent for blood work shortly after, where for the first time, I felt a little anxious filling up those vials. Typically, I have a strong stomach when it comes to blood, but this time was different. I was uncomfortable to the point where I had to look away. I am usually intrigued at watching my blood spill into those capsules, but not then. I left the office with a somewhat of a stomach ache; however, it did not take long for my appetite to return in full force. Not surprised.

Yesterday, I woke up at 6:30 am. I saw that it rained the night before, even though the weather man never called for it. I was mildly disappointed; however, this was my last day for a long run prior to surgery. I was not going to allow rain and mud get in the way. It was humid and the ground was covered in puddles, but I surprisingly dedicated the majority of my morning to finishing 14 miles. I contemplated doing an extra mile, but it had been several weeks since I did anything over 10-12 on a Saturday. Especially in this weather.

I went home with soggy feet, muddy & achy ankles, and also, a ruined pair of socks.

Although I was feeling quite sore, I knew I would not regret my decision to go 14. Especially when I'll be on the couch, in pain, and doped up for a few days this coming week. 

Today, I woke up a little later than intended, but it was going to be a shorter run. I decided to stick to 7, just far enough to make it to the Dam. I wanted to admire it one last time since I will not be seeing it for a couple of weeks. I sound silly, but it really is a glorious place to visit and I enjoy seeing it about twice a week.

After my run, I spent the majority of the day cleaning. It felt like I was nesting for a newborn. I bleached both of our bathrooms, washed the curtains that have never seen a washer/dryer, dusted, swept, mopped, washed a few windows and even scrubbed some walls. I won't be doing it post-surgery and I hate a messy house! So the less stress I have during recovery, the better!

We are also celebrating Peter's birthday this coming weekend here at the house. I want it to look it's best for the guests! I love entertaining for our parties!

Anyway, tomorrow I am working a full day and contemplating one last run. It would be a short one if I decided to do so. The only reason I'm thinking of avoiding it is because I have to start fasting tomorrow night. I thought that if I ran, I would be grumpy, not being able to take in a lot from the calories I will burn. I wasn't even aware that I was going to have to fast until this past Friday. I have to stop eating Monday night and my surgery is not until Tuesday afternoon. I am going to be so hungry!

I am sure I will run anyway, knowing me.

How do you prep for being a couch potato for a few days?

Ever do a long run in bad weather conditions out of desperation?

Have you ever had to fast for a length of time? How did you get through it without going crazy!?

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  1. I had a colonoscopy last week & had to stick to a liquid diet for an entire day before completely fasting on the day of the procedure. Since I don't like sugary things (jello, Popsicle, ect), it essentially turned into a 2 day fast. All i could think about was food! Best of luck with your surgery!


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