No Pressure Running

Today was another scorcher and I had to dramatically decrease my mileage. The intention was never to do anything difficult since I knew it was going to be hot, but I wasn't prepared for it to impact my mileage that much. Luckily, I do not feel that guilty that I didn't make it any further. I did run yesterday even though it was not in the plan.

On Friday, I did what I would like to call a "No Pressure" run. Basically, I ran as much as I wanted to with no concern of my pace or distance. I walked when I felt it was time to walk and I ran when I was up to it. In total, I covered a 7 mile distance of the trail, but ran only 5 mile of it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was able to see areas of the trail I have not yet explored and enjoy the scenery without feeling rushed.

C&O Canal, mile 83
Dam #4, mile 84.5
I also was able to take advantage of some panoramic imaging.

Dam #4

This was my favorite image of the day....

Because I did this run and it totaled out to 5 full miles, I figured I would be able to cut myself a break on my long run today. I did not want to feel obligated to do 10 miles, but it was not my intention to nearly cut the run in half. BUT, you can't plan for these things and I will just have to be okay with it. I reached my 35 mile goal for the week and I will have the opportunity to get in at least 1 more long run prior to my surgery, if not 2. That's ultimately my concern. I want to get a nice, long run out of my system before I am sedentary for a week or more.

Let's pray for a nice day so I have that chance!

Do you do "no pressure" runs? How often?

Do you have fun spots to explore on your run or any breathtaking views that you must stop to enjoy?

Do you try to make up for a long run day you have to decrease?

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  1. I love "no pressure" running. I try to run intuitively as much as possible; I run because it's something I need/want to do! The photographs you took today are so beautiful! You inspired me to stop and take more pictures during/after my runs. It's great to have a photo journal of the ground you cover as a runner :)


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