Runnerexia Recovery

As I approach the Run for Freedom 5K on Thursday, I decided that I'm just not going to run tomorrow.

 I know, I know! Hell may freeze over since I'm not running on a day I scheduled to do so. Though, I am tomorrow my first day of runnerexia recovery. If you don't know what "runnerexia" is, it is a term I invented for runners who have to go a set amount of miles within a specific day, week, month, etc. If they fail to meet the goal mileage they set for themselves, guilt and regret set in.

If you read the entry I wrote a few days ago, you know how much I rely on a schedule to achieve a specific mileage goal. I desperately need to stop depending on that schedule. I need to run when my body feels like running. It truly knows best when it comes to what I can and cannot do. I think I have been running long enough and have the discipline to not fall off the wagon if I skip a day or do a few miles less than anticipated.

My original plan for tomorrow was to run 5 miles, but I thought it would be better to just take a rest day. I would much rather enjoy the evening with my boyfriend than exhaust myself the day before the race. Besides, we are going grocery shopping a day early AND it's the first evening of my long weekend! Yay mini-vaca from work!

I figure that I am going to have to prepare myself mentally to have unplanned rest days. They happen whether you are injured, sick, exhausted, or recovering from surgery (July 16th is now the day :o\ ). I need to adapt better to these types of situations. I may as well learn now that running a scheduled week is not ideal. Then, it will not be as traumatic when I do have to take a week or so off. That's the idea anyway.

Do you deal with a form of "runnerexia"? Have you ever?

How do you feel about unplanned rest days? Do you enjoy them or have you ever felt guilty?

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