Mid-Year Goal Review for 2013

I was reading runladylike's blog and she posted a mid-year check in of her 2013 goals. I thought it was a brilliant idea! I decided that I would also revisit the goals I set for myself and see what targets I hit, which ones I'm closing in on and those that I need to start training for.

  • Participate in at least three races [ complete! ] - I hit this goal easily. Though, since I am still within my first 2 years of running, I wasn't sure how high I needed to set the bar in the beginning of the year. Since I smashed that goal in May, I decided to raise the goal to 10. Here are the races I have completed so far:

  • Participate in at least one half marathon run [ complete! ] - Once again, wasn't sure how I would take to a half within my first year so I set the bar low. I knew I could go the distance, but doing so in a competitive atmosphere and an unfamiliar area, I wasn't sure how well I would do...if I'd even complete it at all. However, I loved it so much that have already signed up for a few more this year. Here's the half I have already completed:

  • Complete a 15 mile run within the first quarter of the year [ complete! ] - I finished this goal only a week into the year. I think the main reason I did so was because I was just then hearing about how the Big Slackwater renovation on the C&O Canal was complete. Before, the trail was impassible. Then, they added a concrete bridge to extend out to McMahon's Mill. Read about it here!

  • Complete a 20 mile run within the year [ complete! ] - Once I hit 15, 20 miles was not far behind. I learned how to properly fuel on a long run and was able to sustain the energy to hit the 20s in February. I ended feeling strong. I enjoyed the 3.5 hour adventure alone, exploring territory on the C&O Canal I never traveled before.
  • Complete 26.2 miles [ on hold! ] - This goal has not yet been completed, but I would still love to achieve before the year's end. I have already experienced failure this year in attempting a personal marathon. I made it to 23 with much suffering. Once I hit mile 16, I tried to think positive knowing that I had less than 10 miles to go, but my mentality really began to slump. Since giving up that one day, I have dreaded attempting it again, even though I have already signed up for a marathon in March. I will start retraining in August/November.
  • Complete a mile in 6:30 [ on hold! ] - I honestly thought I would have had this completed by now. I used to have a Maniac Mile Monday to try and increase my speed, but I was not able to complete a mile within 7 minutes.  Then I got injured and decided to can Maniac Mile Monday until further notice. 

Have you completed any of your 2013 goals? Which ones?

Any goals that are not yet complete? Why?

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