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Hungry Runner Girl wrote a great post about running long distances and I encourage all who are training for a marathon or are simply working towards higher mileage to read it!

I also stumbled across a comical Runner's World article that I thought you may enjoy. If you are suffering in your runs due to the summer temperatures, here are 9 Reasons Why I'm Not Complaining About Running in Heat/Humidity. I wish I read this before my run today.

This picture was taken minutes after the run. It really is a horrible representation of how I actually  looked/felt. I was a lot sweatier than it appears. My eyes are glazed due to sweat getting into them. Is that not the worst feeling ever!?

It wasn't the heat that bothered me today, it was humidity that was nearly intolerable. About a mile in from my starting point on the trail, the trees form a canopy. This traps the humidity in, creating what feels quite similar to a greenhouse. Nothing like breathing in hot water vapor. Though, I would gladly take the humidity over running on the road any day. The trail provides lovely scenery and wildlife, not asphalt and the negligent drivers I LOVE dealing with. I'll trade that for cyclists.

Anyway, I SHOULD have my new SD card for the GoPro tomorrow and if that's the case, the camera is coming on it's first run with me. The weather better work with me so I can expose you guys to the best running trail ever.

Anyone working on running longer distances?

What is your reason for not complaining about running in the heat/humidity? What's your favorite from the Runner's World Article?

Do you subject yourself to heat/humidity to avoid the treadmill or certain courses?

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  1. I read that article today too! I love the bit about the "that's what she said" because of course it's inevitable. My favorite part of running in the heat is smiling at/waving to other runners who are getting. it. done. I love to see people working it no matter the weather!


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