Unapproved Running and Marked Down Mizunos!

Uh oh! I did something that my doctor would surely frown upon.

You guessed it! I put on my running clothes and went for a run. But before you shake your finger at me, it was truly short and sweet. I stopped myself at 1.5 miles because one, I was TIRED and two, I was on asphalt. If anything would cause injury to the area I just had surgery on, I am sure running on an asphalt surface would be at the top of the list. So I turned in and went home to a good stretch. (Have you tried the anti-pooch stretches for your hip flexors yet?)

As expected, my fitness did go down.

I could still maintain a pace of about 9 minutes per mile and probably could have finished a full 5+ miles if I wanted to; however, my lung capacity seemed to have been reduced. I felt as though I could not take in as much oxygen as I had just a week and a half ago. I am sure my physical shape has had some set backs, but the effects are most likely minimal. I think I will be back to normal in no time.

I'm going to stick to shorter runs these next few days since I am still in recovery. I'll probably max at 3 miles up until the middle of the week. By the weekend, I hope I can reach at least 7 miles again. I am definitely looking forward to having a consistent schedule, but will keep it in my best interest to rest when necessary.

 Oo! I almost forgot...I have some news for the Mizuno fans out there! The Mizuno Wave Rider 16s were priced down on Amazon. I bought my pair for $101 instead of $115 today, but prices vary depending on size/color choices. Also, free shipping for Prime members! If you want your pair, better get them while the price is low!

Have you ever involved yourself in physical activities that were not yet approved by your doctor?

What is the longest you have gone without running? Was it hard for you to run again?

How long does it take for you to reach your normal pace/mileage after a week or so of rest/recovery?

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