One Thousand Miles

This is the first full year that I have been able to track my mileage. I have counted every single mile since January 1st and yesterday, I reached #1000! As much as I did not want to run in the humidity, I decided it would be more fitting to hit that milestone on the canal, my favorite running trail.

I took the GoPro with me so I could not only look completely silly....

But show YOU my typical route. I sped it up, and trimmed it a bit. I do not believe most of you would enjoy sitting through 40+ minutes of running footage. Though, I'm really looking forward to bringing you along on my longer runs and showing off the historical landmarks I pass frequently.

I give a thumbs up when I hit my 1000th mile. :)

Watch in HD!

I am thankful I was able to achieve this number prior to my surgery. It was not intentional that I hit it before I had to rest for 2 weeks, but I am glad I did. Or I would be really anxious during the time I was off to make it to that 1000 mile mark.

Ah! Three running days left!! I'm bummed, but I will live and find crafty things to do, like what I did this evening...

I've been eyeballing this idea on Pinterest for quite some time! Peter had to help drill the holes since we didn't have the proper drill bit the directions called for, but they turned out perfectly! If you have been thinking about making something similar yourself, I completely recommend it. Each pint jar cost less than $3.50 to make. I bought everything off Amazon.

Do you track your mileage? Have you reached 1000 this year?

Do you think it's silly to bring a video camera on your run?

Any fun DIY crafts you have found on Pinterest that you found successful? Do share!


  1. CONGRATS!!!! That's SO awesome! I wish I kept better track of my mileage because it's really nice to attain number milestones. You rock! And I LOVE the mason jars - how cute. Very inspired by you I am. :)

  2. 1000 miles is so awesome! I used to track my runs on DailyMile but then I quit, so I have no idea how many miles I have run... I'm sure not 1000 though. I just started tracking them again though so I'm sure I will be estatic when/if I ever reach that goal lol


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