Disappearing Act & Our New Family Member

Sorry, guys! I have briefly fallen off the grid post-surgery. I have been slowly regaining my strength; however, I still find myself tiring easily after exerting any physical effort.

On Thursday, I unfortunately had to mosey into work and I felt next to dead. I found it difficult to do anything minor, like walking or going up and down the stairs. Luckily, I only had to last through that single day, then I was able to return to my weekend.

Peter's 25th birthday was on Friday. We spent that day playing Modern Warfare 3, watching The Game Show Network, and above all, just take it easy. The festivities for his birthday were being held on Saturday. I began that morning with an easy 2.5 mile walk (walking takes forever!) and was feeling surprisingly energetic afterwards, so I went to the garden and weeded. Afterwards, we went to our roommate's parent's to enjoy a crab feed.

I ate about 6 crabs and a ton of watermelon. So delicious! It is the only time of the year I get crabs and I savor every bite of it. Though, I'm currently craving more.

Not long after the crab feed, we had our friend's join us at home for Peter's party. We grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and provided other snack items. I even made my own salsa using Britner's Produce tomatoes...

It was definitely a successful first try and was nearly killed by our party guests. I need to pick up more tomatoes and corn to make a larger batch for us. I am loving the availability of fresh foods right now! I need to can/freeze some of this delicious produce.

I may have over-indulged in the food last night, but I had a lot of fun and I am considering this week my vacation instead of "recovery." It sounds a lot better.

Today, we had to wake up a little early since we had plans to visit some PUPPIES! Peter came across a breeder that had a litter of Red Dobermans nearby our home. He has wanted one for quite sometime, so we had no choice but to go see them!

And we put a deposit on one of them! So we will be bringing home a new family member the first week of August!


I am really excited to get this little guy home with us. He's eventually going to be my running buddy! That way, I won't have to bug Peter into running with me. ;o)

Anyway, I will be updating more often now that I am feeling better post surgery. I have some great posts I want to share with you and some delicious recipes I will be trying all week! Get ready!

How do you spend your time recovering? Do you treat it like vacation?

What festivities did you get into this weekend? 

Have any great indulgences lately? Have you had any crab yet this summer?

Do you have any dogs? Are they your running partner?

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