1 Month of No Added Sugar...Here's What's Up!

I cannot believe that it has been a month since I have started eating better. As bad as I thought it was going to be, I am surviving and doing so with ease!

I have removed about 95% of added sugars from my diet. That other 5% was mainly accidental because I overlooked sugar in the label. Other than those few minor hiccups, I have kept with my goals of dramatically reducing my sugar intake.

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After this month, I do plan on reintroducing higher sugar fruits and some natural sweeteners. This will allow me to start making some protein shakes that I have been craving after some of my workouts. But, these items will be in controlled quantities. I don't want to end up going off the deep end like I did around the holidays. But if I do find that I am having a hard time resisting, I will step back again! I want to make sure my sugar addiction is under control.

I am going to still abstain from all desserts just a bit longer because I am not sure I can trust myself after just one month. I do plan to treat myself with a chocolate bar, however. They sell 70%-85% chocolate at my grocery store! It keeps calling my name every time I pass it! But I resist. I think it would taste better once I get through Phase One of P90X though.

There is one thing I feel I am having possible trouble with through all of this. During this past month, I feel like I have been grazing more, but mainly on mixed nuts. Though I do have snacks in my plan, I find myself sneaking in a couple of nuts here and there. I am just not certain if I am actually hungry or if I am trying to make up for the sugary snacks I have taken out.

The thing about me is that I rarely ever *feel* hungry. I think I destroyed my stomach from an illness I had for 2 years in my teens, then I had an eating disorder in my early 20s. So stomach growling is an absolute rare occurrence! Weird, right!? So I am not sure how to really measure hunger. I have a pretty solid eating schedule, but with the added weight training from P90X3, I am just wondering if my body is just craving the extra protein.

Anyway, regardless of having a few extra calories in nuts, I am still proud of myself and what I have accomplished. I have honestly never felt better. I have had zero issues with bloating, which has helped flatten out my tummy a bit!

The top is before, the bottom is from the 22nd. I think there's a difference!

Who wouldn't want that, right?! Also, on the TMI end, I have become VERY REGULAR. Almost clockwork! Before, I was going once every few days and that's just not good for you!!!

My results just make me wonder what would happen after 2 months of being completely natural and healthy with my meals. So stay tuned! :)

What percentage of food do you eat that has added sugar? Do you look read your labels?

How dark do you like your chocolate?

How do you measure hunger?

When you crave certain foods, do you think your body is trying to tell you something or is it your mind? How can you tell the difference?

Let's be honest, are you a regular pooper? 

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