My Love/Hate Relationship with the Treadmill

I hit the treadmill again last night. When temps begin to dip into the 20s, I make the call to stay indoors. My poor hands and feet would have a Raynaud's attack if I were to brave the cold. This wasn't always the case in the past, but it has gotten worse over the years.

Last night, I had a flare up just from simply turning the shower handle since it was cold.

So because of my Raynaud's, I've had to swallow back my negative feelings towards the treadmill and just deal with it. I guess I should at least be happy I have another option rather saying "Screw it!"

I truly wanted to skip last night, but my goals and obligations weigh heavier than my desire to be lazy. I need the cardio to balance my strength training so I can achieve my goal body. So I have been constantly reminding myself that the hardest part is just getting dressed, showing up, and getting started. Whatever follows is better than nothing at all.

This brought on some major deja vu. I've done this before. I train myself for these spring marathons and wonder why I subject myself to it every year. I live on the northeast coast where cold and snow are bound to happen! Yet here I am, training for my 3rd spring marathon and pissed off at the fact that winter came yet again. I must experience memory loss in the fall when I sign myself up for these things.

Anyway, during my run I turned on "Orange is the New Black." I have barely made a dent into the 3rd season so I figured this would be my treadmill show. I kept my pace slow and didn't bother with inclines. Again, I was in lazy girl mode so the fact that I even started running was good enough for me.

Not my best time recently, but I'll take it. I know I will power through a good run Thursday when I meet up with the CFAR team. It will make up for this slow one.

In addition to my running, I put in a yoga workout. Though I felt out of sync and my dog crushed my hand in the beginning, I am still glad I did it.

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It was not my best practice, but at least I gave my mind and body a 30 minute treat. I'm hoping for a better practice this evening.

Anyway, the snow is still in the forecast for the I decided my forecast sounded a lot better.

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I am pretty sure my 15 miler will be on the treadmill. That's equal to about 3 Orange is the New Black Episodes. Doesn't really sound so bad when you put it in those terms, right?

For those of you in the storm's path, be safe and run smart!

What's your temperature tolerance before hitting the treadmill?

What TV shows or movies are your favorite to watch while 'milling it?

Are you in snowstorm Jonas' path?

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