Stress-Filled Days & The Weekend

These last few days have been a blur. I was extremely not just work, running, working out, yoga, and then some. I have also taken on an exciting opportunity that will let me tackle fitness coaching...but more on that in the future!

Anyway, I described in my last post that I was going a little insane at work and how running & yoga have been an absolute necessity to keep myself from exploding. With the days that followed, there was not much relief. So I stuck close to my workout plan to help relieve the anxiety that has been developing! This added stress is also a motivator to start working towards my own life goals. Every day something doesn't go my way is another reason why I need to really pursue my dreams.

I was thankful when 5:00 came on Friday. I had homemade pizza and wine to enjoy. In fact, I incorporated my Chardonnay into my yoga session on Friday night. I think I may start making this a weekly tradition.

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On Saturday, I took it easy in the morning.

Then my sister and I joined a few other ladies out at a small restaurant called Pure & Simple. We were having a meet up for those who have joined an accountability group I created in late December. Because everyone was working hard, I thought it would be awesome to meet up and discuss what we have accomplished while eating a healthy meal!

I had a Veggie & Hummus wrap with guacamole added. :)

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It was da bomb and I intend on having our next month's meet up there as well! Some suggested we go bi-weekly! :o)

Later that day, I managed to get a run in. It was warmer that afternoon, so I was able to hit the streets rather than subject myself to another treadmill run! I decided to switch my long run day to Sunday and do 6.2 miles that afternoon since I still had a ton of stuff to do around the house. No harm done.

But once our day began to settle, I got around to making this gem.

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This was great! I, personally, would lighten up on the cheese in the future. But that's just me. You can find the recipe here if you want to give it a try!

So new week equals new food plans and workout plans, but I will share the details tomorrow. Right now, I gotta hit my yoga mat for one last practice at Yoga Camp. *sigh*

Keep it real, guys!

Do you do wine and yoga practices? 

Do you have any local restaurants that are all about clean eating? What do they serve?

What was a good meal that you ate this weekend? Recipes please!!!

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