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Work has been stressing me the eff out!! It all began yesterday when I was just SLAMMED with back to back emails. After I left, all I could think about was having a drink to ease the tension. But as you may now, I have abstained for alcohol for over a week and want to just make it till Friday. I feel that I have to give my liver some time to recover from the holiday drinking binge.

Anyway, I thought a drink would help reduce my stress levels, but I wanted to be strong and stick to my goals. So I resorted to Day 10 of Yoga Camp instead.

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It was just what I needed. I even had our aromatherapy diffuser working it's magic. I put in an essential oil blend called Relaxation, so that may have also been a help!

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Shortly after yoga, Peter and I indulged in some Quinoa Pizza Casserole thanks to the recipe on My Whole Food Life. I had a hard time trying not to eat all the cashew pizza sauce when I prepped ingredients on Sunday. I think I may have a cashew addiction. But anyway, the recipe was pretty good and I would have it again! And maybe then I won't go overboard with the quinoa.

The weather is really testing my immune system, so I have dosed up on Vitamin C and have been drinking back Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Airbourne, and tea!

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I do not want to get sick now! I am doing really well with my nutrition and physical activity. I cannot let winter to get the best of me! I typically have a pretty strong immune system, but I have just been feeling "bleh" which is a sign that I need to take action! I plan on running indoors this evening to avoid weakening my immune system any further.

On a random note, I got bit my a spider last night.

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It kinda hurts to bend my finger because of the swelling, but fortunately, I will live another day. :)

How do you naturally destress? 

Have you tried aromatherapy? What oils do you like?

How do you prevent yourself from getting sick in the winter months?

Any hints on how to alleviate a spider bite?


  1. Ouch that spider bite looks like it hurts! Hope it feels better soon. I nice cup of tea in my warm pj's usually relaxes me. :)

    1. Mmm...tea is always a good way to relax!

      Thankfully I am feeling better today and the spider bite hasn't bothered me too much! :)


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