My Top 8: Clean Eating Edition

Remember MySpace, guys? Remember how exclusive it was to be included on someone's Top 8?

Being ranked among your friends was critical back then and since I am feeling a little nostalgic, I want to bring back the infamous "Top 8" for this post. But instead of making this a top 8 of my favorite people (I don't even think I have 8 friends ;-] ), this will be my Top 8 of my favorite foods!

As you know, I have been trying very hard to be super healthy! I've cut added sugar, increased veggies, and am overall just trying to eat clean! Since I've cut out a lot of foods that were once my favorite, I have had to find new things to get through some tough cravings.

So without further ado, here's my Top 8!

Cashews. I never knew that there was a nut tastier than peanuts or almonds. Maybe I am in left field, but my description is that they have a creamy taste/texture. I don't know how to else to explain it, but I am in heaven when I eat them. Not only are they satisfying alone, but they can also be incorporated into meals, like the Quinoa Pizza Casserole I made earlier this week. So I am thinking about making a cashew butter or dip for additional snacking options!

Black Beans. I love having my veggies in some kind of dip. In the past, I would always resort to ranch dressing, but since that is off the menu,  I just throw black beans in my Magic Bullet, add some fresh garlic and onion...BOOM! Black bean dip! I have been packing this almost daily to have alongside my celery, carrots, broccoli, or even green pepper. Delish!

Avocado. Avocado is so versatile! Lately, I've been slicing it up and putting it on my morning waffle sandwiches. But I also enjoy them alone. Today, I packed a avocado half because look at it...

How could you say no to an avocado that looks that yummy!?

Oats. Overnight Oats are easy and scrumptious! I've been able to ditch packaged/processed cereals (have you looked at the added sugar in the "healthy" stuff!?) for this healthy alternative. I just mix oats in a mason jar with unsweetened almond or cashew milk, cinnamon, walnuts, and half a chopped apple. BAM! Delicious breakfast for one!

Golden Delicious Apples. I started adding fruit back into my meal plans. I wanted to get fruit that wasn't too high in sugar, but helped satisfy my sweet tooth. These babies do not disappoint. They taste so much sweeter than what I remembered pre-sugar detox. I eat one of these and I am pretty good for the day! Sweet cravings successfully curbed!

Almond Butter. When I went on my detox, I saw that JIF had added sugars in their peanut butter. For real!? So I immediately made almond butter. Mine is only made up of 2 ingredients: roasted almonds and coconut oil. In the past, I have added sweeteners like honey, but it tastes wonderful without!

A photo posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@lindseyszakacs) on

And I will say that it tastes SO MUCH BETTER than the store bought stuff!

Eggs. Sorry vegans! I LOVE my eggs. Especially now since my parents have their very own chickens! I can grab some free-range eggs for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner without worrying where it came from. Last night we enjoyed them on our Spiced Chickpeas with Spinach (find the recipe in Runner's World Meals on the Run).

Salsa. this is a combination of a few things, but it has saved me! I started adding it to my eggs as a ketchup replacement. Then I also started putting it atop of my homemade waffles with the avocado.

Just remember that when you are looking at salsas, make sure to choose one without all the added junk in it!

This may change from one week to the next (kinda like our top 8s from Myspace), but for now, I like the healthy choices I am making right now and I hope that this will give you an idea as to what to include on your next grocery list!

Did you have a MySpace? Did you take Top 8 Seriously?

What food is on your Top 8?


  1. I love avocado too - they never last long in my house when I come home from the grocery store with them! I had a myspace back in the day and the top 8 used to give me anxiety lol. I didn't like having to rank people.

    1. My Top 8 was carefully chosen. The first person was always a boyfriend or family member. Then no one could complain as to why they weren't number 1. Now, I had anxiety about where I fell on other people's top 8. Ha! The old days.

      I am thankful that I am the only one that craves avocados between my husband and I. So I don't really have to share :)


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