New Week, New Chances

​New week, new start! If you didn't think last week went well, here's your chance to perfect it once more! :)

Yesterday, I went for a 10k run. I tagged along and ran with Peter, who was out to do 10 miles. We only stayed together for 5k, then I turned around and ran back to the car.

Unlike Saturday's 10 mile run, this one didn't go as well. I was tired and my legs felt like jello. I gave myself credit for getting out there rather than sit around. I also reminded myself that it had been a month since I did back-to-back days of running. So the fact that my legs were fatigued was understandable. I've been really trying to ease myself in so I am not ripping my body to shreds and reinjuring myself.

Once I returned home from the run, I did Day 9 of Yoga Camp.

Then I followed up with my meal prep for the week.

Though it can feel like a chore, meal prepping is totally worth it. It keeps me on point with my nutrition! And since I always prep more than enough, we've been able to freeze the leftovers. After this week, Peter and I will have enough leftovers to skip a grocery visit and live off the frozen meals. So not only is this healthy for us, it is a money saver!!!

After dinner, I did the P90X3 Ab Ripper even though I was wiped. During the first move of the 15 minute workout, I scoffed thinking, "This is going to be easy!" Then came the second and I wanted to die. By the end, I was satisfied with the workout and am looking forward to the abs I will get from this!

This morning, I continued with P90X3 and worked out to Total Synergistics.

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The one thing I really love about these workouts is that they are only 30 minutes and I don't have to cram an hour + long workout into my morning before work. I definitely think I will follow this better than P90X.

Anyway, I am really excited to share my progress as it comes because I am super motivated this year to get what I want. I hope that what I share can also help you in your health and fitness journey as well!

What workouts did you do this weekend?

Do you invest time into meal prepping? 

What's on your dinner schedule this week?

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